Samantha Goodes Attew

samantha goodes attew

just because you learn differently,
does not mean you cannot be successful in life.

note from the author:

i am ever so grateful for sam’s enthusiasm about life messages™!

throughout the production period of our enterprising hearts book, samantha and i had many discussions. she gave me multiple nominations of incredible people in community that would be an excellent fit for our project. all along, cheering on the goals of our book with positivity and excitement!

upon our first in person meeting, we found we had a common person of inspiration…Richard Branson…who is yet another example of a someone who defied expectations regardless of challenges and adversity. he is now successful in so many ways and has shared his story with the world which has impacted people like me and samantha. this is why it’s so important to find purpose in sharing your ‘goosebump’ stories with others as you never know whose life you will make a difference in…

richard’s story and samantha’s life path gave her courage to take the ‘labels’ she had been given and gave them new meaning. she wants people to know that just because you learn differently, does not mean you cannot be successful in life.  i think that sam herself has shown that through the selfless choices she has made for herself, her family and community. these choices and actions have led to so many positive outcomes and changed people’s lives!

learn more about samantha’s story and her life message, may 5th when we release enterprising hearts!

sam would love for you to get to know more about the non-profit organization she is currently the president of
check out their events and initiatives, and participate! go to: Optimist Club of Milton to get the scoop!

Join us for the Book Launch Event in Milton, ON by clicking here…

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life messages™ book of enterprising hearts

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