Laurie Goodman with Written Contributor Julie Cole

Giving is a part of who we are and our culture.

Julie Cole made me laugh and nod my head up and down, saying, ‘YES’ more than once the first time I heard her speak at a Mompreneur Conference in Toronto!

When you listen to Julie, you think, this is someone I could be friends with….she’d be the kind of friend you could have over with your house a total disaster and neither you, nor she would care! Now, those are the kinds of friends I love to have in my life!  😉 She’s so real, that you feel like you can be your truest self around her.

She is also hilarious, smart, friendly, talented and creative!

She does not drip one ounce of pretentiousness despite being a very successful entrepreneur as Co-Founder to a Canadian company called, Mabel’s Labels.

Julie comes off as someone who says it likes it is…she is all this and more!

Then, you discover that she is a Mom to 6 children! At that moment, your jaw drops, your eyes grow wider and you say WOW! She makes you believe that so much IS possible despite our full lives and you can have a laugh over the stories & messages you learn along the way!

As Julie is someone I admire greatly, I was so very touched that she agreed to be a written contributor in my 3rd Life Messages™ book! Actually, I think I did a happy dance in my chair and waved my arms around excitedly when she said yes!

After all, Julie and her team are hugely enterprising with the biggest hearts around!

Julie’s written contribution in laurie goodman photography’s life messages™book of enterprising hearts is pragmatic, funny and inspiring.

She illuminates more than one excellent piece of advice and lesson learned around giving back by her and her team over the years.

“The basement became a metaphor for that time in your life when you work day in and day out, wondering if anything will even come out of your hard work. A lot has come out of our hard work….Giving is a part of who we are and our culture. It’s easy to do, no matter your stage of life if you are creative and committed.”

She will motivate you to make a difference!

I want to extend gratitude to Julie for sharing her lessons and thanks to Deborah Strutt Hilton for taking this photo of us today as I presented Julie with our finished book!





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