Life Messages™ Book of Inspirational Canadian Women

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Life Messages™ Book of Inspirational Canadian Women is a study of women and their life messages.

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Life Messages™ Book of Inspirational Canadian Women is a study of women and their life messages. Woman after woman has come to Laurie Goodman’s quiet and comfortable loft studio space, settled in, and talked to her about what has led them to their life messages. They write the message in white on black paper and sign it, then Goodman takes their picture. The messages are the words of women who have battled cancer or fled abusive situations, been overcome by the love of a child or found fulfilment in business.

  • perfect coffee table book for home, office, wellness clinics, spas, hospital waiting rooms and so on.
  • excellent gift for any woman who could use inspiration from other women
  • this book will help you unearth your legacy, values and purpose in life
  • this book will help you to feel like you are a part of a community
  • this book will have you creating your own life message and encourage you to share your stories and lessons with others

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1 review for Life Messages™ Book of Inspirational Canadian Women

  1. Marie Hamilton

    Laurie, Laurie, Laurie;
    What an amazing experience you have given me at the age of 74 – me, in a book of importance to women! I am floating around feeling pretty special – you did that and I love you for it! Friday evening at your book launch was so memorable, the wonderful and beautiful women being so brave sharing their stories – I cried, laughed and felt goosebumps and felt their truths. Lynn and I were crying together during Suzanne’s story – it was something too familiar. The whole night was so emotional, moving and rewarding. I have read the whole book 3 times and already shared some quotes with friends in cards I send. I really wish this had happened to me in my 30’s but grateful it came to me at all. I really feel like a different person Laurie!
    Thank you sweetheart, you are “Wonder Woman”!!!!

    When things settle for you I would like to get a couple more books and have you sign them for me if possible, great gifts for close friends and family.

    Love you a bunch with Big Hugs,
    Marie Hamilton

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