Life Messages™ Agenda

“We all have stories. We all have a voice. Share yours.”

Make a habit of remembering to pause and create memories that will shore you up on the most challenging days of your life! The new Life Messages™ Agenda is a perfect companion to the Life Messages™ books and movement.

What you will find inside….

  • 12 month 2017 Calendar
  • 12 original Life Messages™
  • Other inspirational quotes and questions
  • Each month has room for you to itemize your priorities, write about what moves you in relation to the messages, doodle, brainstorm and create a life message at the end of the month based on what you have learned.
  • This agenda is your private place of reflection and discovery that you can tap into within your schedule.
  • We encourage you to embrace prioritizing creating memories and time to find out what you truly value and then share with others!
  • This Agenda will provide you with the foundation of what you will need to be prepared for a Life Messages™ Photo Session with Laurie Goodman Photography!
  • Bookings can be made through at any time in the year!

A portion of the proceeds from this book will go to support Girls Inc(Halton).

“Your hand, my hands, our hands. We are all one”
– Anthony Rocco Cavaleri

“Be Limitless”
– Laura Sermet-Deboer

About Life Messages™ Agenda

When I started life messages™ women would leave our sessions saying how good they felt and that they never take time out of their busy lives to reflect on memories and the key lessons they have learned from in their lives. It’s kind of like when you go on vacation and you wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner! These women felt empowered, heard, validated and purposeful!

Other times during the journey of the life messages™ movement, women commented that they wanted some time to really think about their key message and sometimes they needed guidance via questions and inspirational messages of our existing messengers.

This first annual, ‘your Life Messages™Agenda’ encourages people to identify their priorities, keep track of the day to day obligations of life but also to reflect on your values, determine your life messages, doodle, brainstorm and most importantly highlight the soul filling goal of seizing moment upon moment to stop in your daily routine and make a memory!

At any time in 2017, I welcome you to contact me for a Life Messages™Photo Session. The groundwork and revelations revealed in your personal agenda will provide the basis of your most heartfelt legacy message! I look forward to hearing about your goosebump stories and messages as they evolve! Contact me, let’s laugh, cry and make a memory together!

Laurie Goodman
founder, author, and photographer of Life Messages™

Laurie Goodman - author and photographer - Life Messages™

Enterprising Hearts, recognizes leaders in business who are both passionate about their work, yet compassionate towards others.

These individuals understand that success is not based solely on a person's net worth, but also on a person's commitment to making a difference in the world around us.

These individuals understand that success is not based solely on a person's net worth, but also on a person's commitment to making a difference in the world around us. It's a simple concept that has allowed many incredible people to share their voices and in doing so, empower others.

Susan Hay

Anchor/Producer, Global News

I'm the first to agree with the age old adage that a book can't be judged by its cover but in this particular instance, the cover truly is an invitation to experience inspirational delights and wisdom within the pages of Laurie Goodman's book, Enterprising Hearts, the third in her Life Messages series.

to uplift, to inspire, and to shine a light of hope

Goodman's photographic gifts as an expert lens manipulator are evident as is her sincerity in the letters she writes about the individual 'business owners with a heart.' There are other written contributors as well and the book's purpose - to uplift, to inspire, and to shine a light of hope in our sometimes otherwise dark world are beautifully apparent.

Elizabeth Marques Kogan

Writer, Orchida Forever

Laurie has given voice to women and men alike enabling them to share their hopes, dreams, and life lessons. They inspire us all to reach out and commit to our community

Claudia Scobie

Executive Director, Girls Inc of Halton

Laurie, Laurie, Laurie,

What an amazing experience you have given me at the age of 74 - me, in a book of importance to women! I am floating around feeling pretty special - you did that and I love you for it! Friday evening at your book launch was so memorable, the wonderful and beautiful women being so brave sharing their stories - I cried, laughed and felt goosebumps and felt their truths.

I cried, laughed and felt goosebumps and felt their truths

Lynn and I were crying together during Suzanne's story - it was something too familiar. The whole night was so emotional, moving and rewarding. I have read the whole book 3 times and already shared some quotes with friends in cards I send. I really wish this had happened to me in my 30's but grateful it came to me at all. I really feel like a different person Laurie!
Thank you sweetheart, you are "Wonder Woman"!!!!

When things settle for you I would like to get a couple more books and have you sign them for me if possible, great gifts for close friends and family.

Love you a bunch with Big Hugs,

Marie Hamilton

It is so important that each and every one of us get involved in the community. This book is an example of outstanding people that are making a real difference. I am inspired by the uniqueness of each contribution from the Life Messengers. This will most certainly encourage others to do wonderful things.

Kate Holmes

CEO, United Way of Milton


Best coffee table book ever! Beautiful photographs of real people, their life messages and heartfelt letters by the photographer on how inspiring her subjects are. What a great concept.

Julie Liimatainen



Loved the stories of how these business persons give back to the community. Beautiful photos and cover.

Amazon Customer


Life Messages™ Agenda (Shipping from December 12th, 2016)

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Woo Hoo! Welcome to Life Messages™. I promise not to share you info or spam your inbox. Move and be moved. Laurie.

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