The Story

Life Messages™ has been a journey. One of learning, growing, and inspiring.

The Story

Life Messages™ was born from “goosebumps” and has grown into a movement of collaboration, creativity, and community

In April of 2014, I became inspired to give women a voice by taking pictures of them holding a personal, heartfelt life message. My idea was to create an inclusive project for anyone who crossed my path who wanted to take part and share their story – their voice.

As I listened, laughed, and cried with woman after woman, it became apparent that the stories of the life messengers were the backdrops of their life lessons. I hoped that these sessions would provide a safe forum to express what they had experienced and that they would feel heard.

While we can look to notable persons for inspiring quotes, my belief is that we have it within oursleves to share valuable and impactful messages that thave not only helped us but wil also benefit others.

Honestly, when I started, I had an idea but didn’t have a grand plan. The goosbumps were the sign telling me that I just had to do it! Incorporating my love of photography, writing, community, and desire to help women feel empowered provided many more of the reasons why it was important to let the project evolve organically.

Women have indicated that their lives have been altered because of Life Messages™; their self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth have been boosted. Additionally, women have also been inspired creatively and look to Life Messages™ to help them get through their day.

With every Life Messenger photo session came a new idea and a vision for a PhotoArt Book Launch & Show to highlight the messengers and their stories. A celebration of empowerment, growth, and artistry! The hope is that the contributors, readers, and community would walk away with an inspiration high!

I have felt that sense of inspiration throughout this project with each session and notably, with artist Laura Newton. She has helped multiple women to find the essence of their life message through abstract art. Laura created the artwork for the front cover of the first Life Messages™ book (and later the third) which represents my life message “love unconditionally”. This message was ingrained in me as my parents always loved me, no matter what choice I made in my life. The birch trees remind me of memories from the cottage where love, joy, and beauty always surrounded our family as I was growing up.

I hope that the messages in these books, and on the web site and blog, help to give people that same sense of acceptance and belonging that I was fortunate enough to experience. 

We all have stories. We all have a voice. What’s yours?


Laurie Goodman Portrait
Life Messages™ Book of Inspirational Canadian Women

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