Sandy Hatzis

sandy hatzis

inspired me to want to ‘be more’ and to ‘do more’ to make a difference in community

note from author:

life messages™ would literally not be where it is at without sandy hatzis!

sandy formed a group called MAFE (Milton and Area Female Entrepreneurs) that has evolved into a community in and of itself like no other i’ve seen personally.

within this group, women are encouraged to: share information about their businesses, ask questions, give testimonials, buy goods and services to support each other locally…but further from that it has become a trusted place to be – a place where we gather fundraising items and donations for charitable causes as well as for citizens within and outside of our community…in MAFE a strong culture of giving has formed. it’s not just a one-off event…if someone is in need, we help. if someone requires encouragement, we cheer. if someone is facing illness or loss, we support. it’s just how we roll.

not only are MAFE sisters there for one another and their community at large when times are tough, they are there to welcome newcomers, celebrate birthdays, joys and achievements!

so many lives have been enriched due to this group that sandy created.

she is wholly invested in her community, family and business. she is an award winner. she is a friend.

she is someone i admire.

sandy was in our first life messages™book of inspirational canadian women and throughout the production period of that project she and my MAFE sisters cheered me on, supported my kickstarter campaign, became life messengers in my book, made donations to make the book happen, attended our launch and soon thereafter nominated me for citizen of the year in milton for my work with life messages™…. this is what is at the root of my vision for our 3rd life messages™book of enterprising hearts… the selfless generosity of this group showed me time and time again that businesses do have heart and they inspired me to want to ‘be more’ and to ‘do more’ to make a difference in community. it is because of that that i wanted to highlight leaders in business who make a positive difference in community through their services, products and/or charitable causes to give a voice to their most important lessons and goosebump stories around giving back to inspire others to do the same.

i am ever so thankful to sandy for joining laurie goodman photography’s life messages™ book of enterprising hearts- because without her, i wouldn’t be where i am at today and i am forever grateful to her and all of my MAFE sisters!

sandy has also taught me through her vulnerability in sharing her story for our upcoming book, that we carry on the legacies of our kin and it is essential that we make that legacy one of leadership, grace and gratitude.

please learn more about dear sandy at: Sandy Hatzis – Sales Representative

to become a MAFE member on facebook, please email sandy at:

Join us for the Book Launch Event in Milton, ON by clicking here…

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life messages™ book of enterprising hearts

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