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Gratitude to all of our new Life Messaging Community Members!

I am ever so thankful to Enterprising Hearts Written Contributor, Tessa Kampen for making my dream vision happen with her Guelph & KW Mompreneur Chapter today! Tessa’s dedication and drive to give back to community is seen and felt by everyone she crosses paths with! She hopes to Inspire to InspireAsk anyone who knows her and they will tell you she walks her talk!

Since the Mompreneur National Conference in March, I have had a vision of bringing Life Messages to Mompreneurs across Canada. I want to perpetuate our movement of giving back to community and highlight what is at the heart of Mompreneurs!

First stop was right here in my new home town of Guelph! I appreciated being welcomed by this group yet again! I hope to work with more Mompreneur Chapters over time.

I love working with female entrepreneurs! I adore hearing their stories and messages! Time and time again, heads nod and tears and laughter are shared as we listen to one another. The women heal, feel empowered and validated!

Today’s messages came from deep places!

The tears were flowing as we heard ladies get the courage to share their voices about stories that are not easy to talk about. It was very powerful!

We were all moved and motivated by hearing more about the goosebump stories and life lessons of our CEO and Founder of Mompreneurs, Maria Locker as she had shared with me during our interview for my most recent book, laurie goodman photography’s life messages™book of enterprising hearts.

Many of the messages today were created with the inspiration of Maria’s life messages who gets goosebumps over being of service to others and advocates for us to be real and authentic and emulate the type of person you want your kids to be. She also believes that family is everything!

Maria does so much to help educate and mentor female entrepreneurs! I was thinking when I left the luncheon today, that if it hadn’t been for Maria, today’s session would not have been possible. Her legacy of leadership reaches thousands of women!

Gratitude to all of our new Life Messaging Community Members!

I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you and discovering more of what moves you!

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